Sync Plotly graphs with arbitrary externally sourced data.

There are four query parameters under that describe these graphs:
  1. source
    The data source that is accessible at a unique url. For example, Plotly will retrieve data from this URL every time the graph is rendered.
  2. data
    The description of your visualization using Plotly's graph JSON. This includes data and layout keys. Use special xsrc and ysrc keys to denote the columns that you'd like to plot. For example:
    [{"xsrc": "X Data 1", "ysrc": "Y Data 1"}]
  3. layout
    JSON that describes other parts of the graph, like the title. For example:
    {"title": "Example graph"}
  4. proxy_key
    A private key that allows you to test-drive this functionality. If you are a paying or enterprise user, you don't need to use this key.
  5. Optional: preview
    The preview key allows you to show the first or last N number of points. For example, preview=10 will only display the first 10 points, preview=-10 will show the last 10 points.
To generate the graph, combine these query parameters into a URL:[{"xsrc": "X Data 1", "ysrc": "Y Data 1", "mode": "markers"}]&layout={"title": "Example graph"}
You can share that graph or embed it a webpage with an <iframe>. The graph will request for the latest data everytime it is rendered.